3 Signs You Need To Change Your Logo

Ideally, logos are meant to last forever. They are supposed to provide that feel of stability and a strong brand image years in and years out. However, that is not always the case. There comes a time when your logo may need to be phased out for a newer version. Check out the 3 instances where changing your logo makes all the sense.

Your logo looks similar to that of another entity

With so many new businesses and organizations churning out new logos every day, it’s not rare for two entities to find out that they have similar looking logos. If that entity is on the opposite end of the globe or deals with a completely-unrelated product/service, you may not need to change your logo. However, if that entity can easily be confused with yours, then a logo change is needed to avoid conflict of interest. This is especially so where the other entity had its logo first. A logo change will keep customers from confusing the two establishments.

Your logo is outdated

Truth be told, not all logos can stand the test of time. While some logos can go for decades without needing any work, other logos cannot. If your logo has been there for several decades now, chances are that you could do with a better looking logo. This is because, decades ago, the hip tools available for making logo designs today were not available. You can therefore overhaul your old logo entirely and get something contemporary. Alternatively, you can opt to simply polish up your older logo. You can do this by making the colours bolder, changing fonts and creating sharper lines and shapes.


You’re rebranding

If you’re rebranding, that is yet another sign that you should change your logo. Logo redesigning is not mandatory when rebranding. However, a logo represents your business’ image. If you change what your business stands for, then you should change your logo to symbolize that shift as well. This may entail making subtle changes to it, such as replacing the colours on the logo, to designing a whole new logo. The degree of rebranding will dictate how much your logo should change.

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