4 Important Things To Note When Changing A Logo

Changing a logo can be as hard as making a new one. In most cases, it’s even harder than coming up with a logo the first time. This is because you’re unsure about the change you’re about to make, and whether it’s for the better or worse. To guide you through this process, learn a few important logo design tips below.

Minor changes are best

When changing a logo, you have the option to either alter it in a few places, or to get a completely new logo. If you can, stick with the former option. Minor changes are best on a logo as they allow you to retain the identity that your logo has portrayed for so long. You can adjust your logo by giving it sharper lines, bolder colors and more stylish fonts instead. This allows you to effect change in your logo without drifting too far off such that people no longer recognize your logo anymore.

Adapt to the new move

When changing your logo, make sure all the changes you make are in line with the move you’re trying to effect. For example, if you’re going to change the colours on your logo, make sure it’s because you will be using those new colors in your branding materials as well. The same should apply to the design and style of the logo as well.

Make your logo what you want your brand to be, not what it is

Another important tip when changing your logo is that you should strive to make it represent the direction you see your business taking the next few years. Businesses always evolve and if the logo isn’t futuristic, you will have to keep changing it every few years.

Your logo doesn’t have to mention or reflect your business directly

Another huge factor that you should know when changing your logo is that it does not have to directly reflect your business, its products or its services. You can simply keep your logo abstract. A good example for this is the Nike logo. It’s a simple tick that doesn’t convey much about the business. Abstract logos are more flexible and easier to apply even when the business changes direction in the future.

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