5 Simple Steps To Designing Your Own Logo

A logo is one of the most important aspects of your business. A good logo can propel your business forward while a bad one can do the exact opposite. If you have chosen to design your won logo, due diligence is vital in coming up with a quality end-product. Below, find out how to go about making one.

Step 1: Gather ideas

First, evaluate your business and gather ideas on what you want your logo to manifest. A good logo should be simple, easy to remember, highly visible and easy to apply in products, signs and other materials. Most importantly, the logo should speak volumes about  your business. At this stage, decide what colors you want on your logo, whether you want it to be traditional or modern and whether you want letters, abstract designs, or both.

Step 2: Research

Next, get to work and do your homework. Find out what logos your competitors have. You don’t want your logo to resemble any one of theirs. Research the lest logos in the world and borrow a leaf from their designs. Find out which logo trends are leading the industry at the moment. Also find logos that you think you want to emulate in some ways and study them.

Step 3: Sketch

Step three, start making your logo. It’s best to start with sketches as you will make many mistakes along the way. Sketches also allow you to make any design you want without any limitation. More so, you can create as many sketches as you want and later evaluate them.

Step 4: Make drafts

Once you have enough sketches that you would like to actualize, start making drafts. You can use softwares such as Adobe Illustrator or other online free web tools to get the job done. Here, you can adjust fonts, change logo dimensions, play with contrast and try out different color palettes.

Step 5: Shortlist & polish up

For good measure, make a few drafts, 3 to 5 are perfect. At this stage its best to step off from your wok for a few days before coming in to shortlist. The ‘away’ time allows you to look back at your work with fresh eyes. Pick the best draft, polish it up with a few adjustments and you have yourself a new logo!

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