About Paul Rand

Peretz Rosenbaum was born in 1914 in New York . Rosenbaum has since changed his name to Paul Rand , and history became the most famous and most influential graphic designers . He said the best timeless symbols such as IBM and ABC logo , make known their logo design and corporate branding .

A Student and a Teacher

Rand stick around his birthplace , and in New York took part in many of the most respected design school . From 1929 to 1933 , the Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design and the Art Students League studied . Later in life , Rand Pratt , Yale University and Cooper Union School of work put his impressive education and teaching experience .He finally recognized universities and an honorary degree from Yale University and will include Parsons . In 1947 , Rand’s book “design thinking” affects graphic design ideas , and to educate students and professionals continues to this day , which was published .

Paul Rand’s Career

Rand earlier guidance as a gentleman and as an editor of the magazine made designer, has made a name for himself. In some cases, their work, the free transfer of creative freedom, and thus his style became known design community. Rand’s popularity was in fact 1941-1954 where he worked at the William Weintraub agency art director in New York, as occurred. There, he worked with Bernbach copy writing, and together they have a model for writers, designers made the connection between.In his career , Rand IBM , Westinghouse , ABC , the company logo for Enron , including UPS and some of the most memorable brand design history . After Steve Jobs , a ” gem ” called him “deep thinker ” and to identify a man who has clients in the future Rand ” with a teddy bear in a rough exterior . “

Rand’s Style

Rand in 1940 and 1950 in the United States to be a part of a movement are related to the style of the original designer. Is more prominent in Europe, he is an important figure in the more structured focus on the freedom of the layout design is a change. Land use collag, photography, artwork and unique type of use to engage your audience.¬†Audience , thinking about the conversation , and it ‘s interpretation challenges facing the Rand when viewing ads. A clever, witty, unconventional shapes and methods of risk with using spatial and contrast , Rand created a unique user experience.¬†Rand is what he did , which is a “think different ,” says Apple’s classic ad was published , some right , can put the most simple.

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