Identity style guides from around the world

Brand identity style Guide Overview are rules and a set of guidelines on how your brand will be used – it looks like a road map for your brand. There is no limit to what can be included, but the layout of the editorial tone, flag, voice and corporate color scheme should be equipped with at least part of.

It is good to see the presentation style guide , so I collected few .

  1. Brand Identity Standards
  2. Adobe Brand Guidelines (pdf)
  3. Microsoft Corporate Logo Guidelines
  4. 3M Logo Standards
  5. Home | Brand Identity Guidelines | Oregon State University
  6. IEEE – Brand Identity Toolkit
  7. 20 inspiring branding guides | Webdesigner Depot
  8. Special Olympics Brand Identity Guidelines (pdf)
  9. UNC Branding & Visual Identity Guidelines
  10. Brand Identity Guidelines – City of Sydney (pdf)
  11. UC Berkeley Brand Identity | Official Branding Guidelines
  12. Quick Tip: How to Create a Clear and Concise Brand
  13. Brand Identity Guide | University Communications
  14. 2015 Brand Guide | Virginia Tech
  15. Brand Identity Guide – Boy Scouts of America (pdf)
  16. Apple Identity Guidelines (pdf)
  17. Best Buy Brand Identity
  18. Ohio State Brand Guidelines
  19. Campus Brand, Identity and Logo | University
  20. Brand Identity Guide – Liberty University
  21. The Illinois Brand, Identity Standards, Illinois
  22. The University of Michigan Brand | Global Marketing
  23. UCSF Brand Identity
  24. Branding Identity Guidelines and PRSA Logos
  25. MIT graphic identity style guide
  26. NHS Brand Guidelines
  27. Logo Usage and Guidelines
  28. Brand Identity Guidelines – City of Sydney  (pdf)
  29. brand guidelines (PDF) – Demand Media (pdf)
  30. Special Olympics Brand Identity Guidelines (pdf)
  31. Adobe Brand Guidelines  (pdf)
  32. Brand Identity Guide – Boy Scouts of America (pdf)
  33. Virginia Tech Identity Standards and Style Guide (pdf)
  34. Brand Identity Guidelines with Brand Architecture (pdf)
  35. Brand identity guidelines – University of East Anglia  (pdf)
  36. Chelsea Guidelines – Corporate Identity Portal (pdf)
  37. BlackBerry Branding Guidelines – Smashing Magazine  (pdf)
  38. Branding Guidelines – Spotify Developer (pdf)
  39. Branding Guidelines – Barbican  (pdf)
  40. Introduction Brand Identity Elements Brand Identity Guidelines (pdf)
  41. Walmart Brand Guidelines – studio azura (pdf)
  42. Corporate identity guidelines – US Airways
  43. Government of Alberta Corporate Identity Manual (pdf)
  44. Brand Identity Guidelines – BPay (pdf)
  45. A Guide to The Scout Association’s Brand and Visual Identity  (pdf)
  46. Branding Identity Guidelines – Public Relations Society of … (pdf)
  47. Identity guidelines – fifth edition – University of Cambridge  (pdf)
  48. evernote brand identity (pdf)
  49. PayPal Corporate Master Brand Guidelines  (pdf)

Leave a comment if you know of other good examples.

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