Closer look at ambigrams & 25 Surper Ambigram Logos

In case some of you don’t know, an ambigram is a graphical figure that spells out one or more words not only in its form as presented, but also in another direction or orientation (definition from Wikipedia). In other words, you can turn the word upside down and it will still spell the same thing…like.

An ambigram as defined by Wikipedia, “is presented in the form of direction or orientation, but also from another point of view, not only of one or more words that can be understood as a printed design or art form . ” Simply put, a bipartite graph is mentioned here to read the print production upside down, or to create a new word is flipped. Ambigrams are often very complex and imaginative visual design printing style.

Therefore, they are reversed or flipped upside down when a person reading , take a look at some of the delightful graphics logo.


Ambigrams cover the more popular novel Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, John London Design ambigrams result is a book which is the best-selling, ambigrams has existed for more than a century. John London, and Scott King is most responsible for its popularity, the modern two-way data is regarded as a pioneer and innovator. Today, a variety of products and it has also become a popular tattoo ambigrams.

(There are various types ambigrams logo, Chen style ambigrams, mirroring, ambigrams when Ambigrams like rotating, but reversed or rotated 180 degrees, which is bi-directional rotation graph bipartite graph is the most common and widely used type, read the word Flip the two vertically and horizontally). Any design to create a bipartite graph generally depends on the text and layout style, which is a set of policies and procedures, like, the designers want to show. A good map is a two-way readable and beautiful harmony.

Ambigrams is not easy to produce , the practice of many of the commanding heights need to look at the idea of ​​printing , but the finished product is a work of art bipartite graph . In this article , we have some great ambigrams ( logo and other ) featured . And quoteWired magazinen, ” The trend since typesetting black Ambigrams.” Let ‘s look at some awesome ambigrams .

For the post , we have a selection of 25 ambigrams made ​​famous landmark . Enjoy it!

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