Interview with graphic designer Tom Geismar

Its iconic logo Mobil Oil, New York University, Chase Bank, National Geographic , and many of the industry’s most prestigious designers made ​​for Tom Geismar. Love the logo design that you graciously agreed to answer questions.

Q. What is your creative process when the logo design ?

A. We have a firm trend is really the problem, they say , and try to explore many different ways are possible clients, which have tried to understand what. Finally, we narrowed them down. We have all our efforts, the idea that it is looking for so that we, all samples show the process for the customer. We strongly that you really just do not look at a piece of paper or the screen needs to know that since then, we started looking for better ideas in context. This is a two or three months is a long process.

Q. What’s it like to work with ?

A. Personally, I need a cool job . And , I have most of the day, I think I have a quiet, distraction reduction where, in the evenings at home, doing a lot of work to do in the office since the end. The problem is, I do research before you start designing and like to know. Others have immediately thought, but I do not tend to do. I understand the problem, and so a separate, quiet way to do your own research, and then work out ideas, develop them, and want to do. Everyone has a different way.

Q. How to use the drawing in the design process ?

A. I have always liked drawing, but it describes the use of the idea and the idea of art is a way, as obtained. I [SVA] For example, it tried to not show through the viewfinder of my poster design is about, it is not art shows . I am ready to become a designer.


Q. Have much effect and play on paper sketch of your design process ?

A. For me, painting on paper is still in the design stage I thought it was to try and change is a faster way to start thinking about, mainly because of my design plays an important role. I also have some form of sketches , especially in the state, I find that difficult and cumbersome computer speak out. And samples allow me to propose an idea or concept, and computer graphics quickly lead to clear objects. Of course, once again fully develop an idea, a computer color, form, etc. is a good way to study changes.

 Q. Your co – authored with Ivan Chermayeff strong stop it is about more than 57 years , how has started ?

A. It is very much like marriage. After school, Ivan and I got to know each other very well, when I went into the army for two years. After a year and a half, we have not been in touch, but one day, she wrote to me to write in those days, and with another, wanted to stop the free trade, and the formation of a small company named Robert Brownjohn is a partner, I would like to join them? I was in the army, but I certainly, I do not have a plan for your life after the military said. Radio and TV shows, I got half the army Ivan wrote a letter a month ago, there , he said ” We can give them, you look forward to welcoming you here some cards”.

Our general approach is similar to the design. Our personalities are very different way we work, are very different, but we ‘re very respectful of each other, and it is a creative partnership or marriage, it is very important to our shared values​​. Our design approach really does not change much over time, work and think. Technology is the use of computers and all that, what has changed, but we still do not take seriously the idea that modern design problem that follow.

Q. Marketing ideas , customers can share ideas or great story ?

A. Logo is interesting. At first they just design on paper. In the end, they, their full range of views on the organization of most people “design” can not separate representation organization came to embody all the qualities. Designer to help customers understand how to make the final diagnosis try are faced with the difficult task that not only they want, they will work for them, how can be considered “like.” We first learn the lessons symbol CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank started when our starters. The man who said he would go along with the decision of the president at the time, but he does it personally, it’s my business card, letterhead or in their office do not want to see any place to hate were are. Six months later, we met him at the bank. He wore in his lapel pin symbol pattern and tie tack tie and holding a sign in itself symbolic. In his view, the mark is no longer just an abstract design, it has become representative of your organization.

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