Ferrari logo design history

Enzo Ferrari’s prancing horse logo only once to tell a story :

Ferrari world’s largest and most well-known sports brand is one. Racing fans are most familiar with the brand worldwide. Ferrari was founded in 1929 in Italy. Ferrari Formula One marking their success through their outstanding performance. The company gained its fame and completely based on the wealth of its excellent quality goods, but also contributed to the victory was not much of Ferrari logo.


During World War Count Francesco Baracca Ferrari logo , inspired by the characters in their flight by the Italian Air Force ” prancing horse” painting is the star of the Ferrari logo maker . Because a lot of his family after his death, the horse decided to choose .

 Ferrari Logo Design Elements, History and Evolution

Ferrari Logo Shape:-

Ferrari logo car logo is one of the most widely popular, is considered the largest ever designed. The ” prancing horse” yellow background images. Prestigious Ferrari logo synonymous with speed and sports cars. The history of the Italian Air Force took over Enzo Ferrari prancing horse badge Earl Francesco Baracca 1940, can be traced back to. Baraka on both sides had the logo is used in aircraft, World War I, the Countess Paolina, mother of Enzo Baraka Meet a famous fighter pilot in June 1923 has won the race Enzo Savio track in Ravenna, and made Paolina, he lucky charms should use the prancing horse logo.

Enzo began using the symbol in 1940, it has become a fundamental part of the Ferrari logo.

Ferrari Logo Colors:-

Other colors such as yellow and black colors – green, white and red – Ferrari logo with the Italian flag colors. Ferrari brand reputation all these colors, strength, advantages and attractions represent.

Font of the Ferrari Logo

Ferrari logo with a custom handwriting fonts.


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