Tips On What To Consider When Designing A Logo

Considering its weighty significance to your business, designing a logo should be done with a lot of care. A logo has great bearing as far as the reputation and branding of your business is concerned. That said, designing a logo can be a very difficult challenge when starting a business. In this article, explore several  logo design tips to help you overcome this hurdle.

Logo design – letters or graphics?

First, you need to decide what kind of a logo you want. There are two main types of logos out there: logos made of abstract graphics and logos made of letters. Some logos also combine the two to feature letters and abstract designs. Abstract logos are unique and more catchy. They provide great brand recognition as well. However, letter logos are easier to make. Customers also find them easier to remember and that is vital for marketing purposes.


Other design elements

There are other design elements that shape the design of a logo. These include the size of the logo, the shape of the logo, as well as the lines, shapes and fonts used. When it comes to size, the logo should be proportional to the products and to the overall design elements incorporated into it. Fonts should be determined by the brand image one is going for, be it contemporary, traditional, futuristic, etc. The other elements should aim to enforce the logo design by making it more pronounced, visible and catchy.



Colors are vital in logos. Every color that goes into your logo should have a significance. The best way to incorporate colours into your logo is to choose colors that are already part of your brand image. If you don’t have any brand colors yet, choose about three colours that represent your brand image. These should be colors that best identify with your business, and its services/products. ?These are the same colours you will have on your product packaging, premises, signs and stationery products.



Finally, aim to maintain as much simplicity in your logo as possible. A logo should be easy to interpret and remember thereafter. This way, your target market can quickly identify with it and start recognizing your business wherever your logo appears.

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