When logos look alike

It becomes increasingly difficult to make the original logo. No matter how you feel smart, someone came up with something very similar that there is a good chance. Over time , it gradually to 100 % of the original logo design becomes more difficult to come up with. Somewhere on this planet that you think might be the next best thing is unbelievable, is a similar opportunity to sign !

Obviously, we are exposed to the same brand and the others live in the same planet. Subconsciously, we have the Lenovo brand in different markets and in particular the metaphor take a certain shape and color. For example – you brand in the automotive industry, when you think about the color and size in mind ? Well , maybe blue and silver circle ? To name a few, BMW, Volkswagen and Ford look.

Remember, a worldwide designer working on similar projects, their customers even better results than its competitors will want more. So the question is – to lose confidence in their design skills to run , we must embrace equality direction or vice versa … ? Recently had a similar experience , my advice is to embrace it. You have similar characteristics or concepts in there , then you obviously have a great idea. These similarities led to greater brand awareness subconscious.

Another important information I learned in my past experience is a trademark . First , the law can protect their clients , and secondly, you can add your logo ™ are a very important signal , it is a tried and tested brands that impression .

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