Why You Should Aim To Make Your Logo As Simple Logo As Possible

Designing a logo? Regardless of what you might have heard, the simpler your logo is, the better it is for your entity. Just look at the logos of some of the most successful businesses in existence today: Apple, SONY, LG, NIKE, IKEA, Coca Cola, Samsung, HP, etc. Despite being giant multinationals, these entities have very simple logos. So, why is simplicity important in a logo, and does it have anything to do with the success of these businesses? Read on to find out.

They’re easy to create

Yes, of course! Simple logos are easy to create. You can use the name of your business, initials or a simple abstract design like Nike’s tick and your logo is done. Of course, this process should be accompanied by due consideration of the image you want your entity to get from the logo. Nevertheless, simple logos are far much easier to create compared to highly abstract design logos. Better yet, you can create one yourself using free logo tools available online, thereby saving yourself some money in the process.


Clients find them easy to remember

You should only have one person in mind when designing your logo – the customer. Considering how logos are used in the marketplace, they should be very easy to interpret and understand. More so, they should be easy to remember. Simple logos tick all these boxes. This translates to a stronger brand image because customers will quickly identify with your logo which is the same as identifying with your business. This will quickly translate to more customer and more sales.


They are easier to apply in products

Logos are applied in numerous ways. They are used in stationery products such as business cards, fliers, letterheads, envelops and brochures. They are also used on business signs, product packaging and even promotional merchandise. Simple logos are easier to apply in all these instances. That’s because they blend well and do not need any tweaking to fit. For example, simple, self-explanatory logos do not need additional text to reinforce the logo presence. The logo itself is sufficient on its own.

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